4 3/8″ 11cm Thunderstick Madflash Fire Tiger Flash 12g

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This ThunderStick Fire Tiger Flash MadFlash finish reflects light creating a kaleidosope of color, and because it’s actually inside the body, it continues to sparkle even after getting pounded all day. Features classic ThunderStick action, a larger diving lip, a built-in rattle, a translucent body with holographic insert, and Red Barbarian 6X hooks.

Thundersticks have been catching record breaking fish for years! With its loud, fish-attacting rattle, it’s still one of the top trolling lures used by walleye anglers everywhere. THREE premium VMC hooks ensure fish stay hooked through the entire fight.

They have a durable, small polycarbonate lip, pad printed patterns and vivid colours and have a natural shape and action. These variations have body colours to maximise flash, with external scale patterns

Each lure is hand tuned and tank tested, with three red perma steel corrosion resistant treble hooks. They are suitable for freshwater/saltwater applications.

Fishing depth : 2′ – 7′ (0.6- 2.1 metres)

How to use the Storm Thunderstick.

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