4″/10cm:WildEye Rippin’ Rainbow Trout Shad Swim Bait – 3/4oz/20g

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This Rainbow Trout Wild Eye Rippin’ Shad Swimbait from Storm comes pre-rigged with a large single hook in the back and a treble ‘stinger’ hook on the belly so any way a fish strikes these baits they will find a hook.

The plastic is PVC reinforced to help from tearing and the eye is a unique 3D, light refracting structure that really attracts attention.

The narrow tail section in front of the large paddle ensures plenty of swimming action.

Features a rattle chamber for extra attraction
Rigged with VMC needle point back hook and treble belly hook
Soft body with internal lead head
Life-like swimming action
Holographic swimmin’ flash foil
Holographic WildEye
pack of 2.

How to use the Storm WildEye Rippin’ Swim Shad.

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