5.5″/14cm Deep Jointed MinnowStick Rainbow Trout 25g

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The Storm Jointed MinnowStick Rainbow Trout is a futuristic take on a classic lure design. Slim minnow profiles combined with exterior molded scales and inner foil holographics give these lures a flash sure to attract the wariest of gamefish. The Jointed Minnowstick has the swimming motion of an injured baitfish with a suspending design so the lure stays in the strike zone longer. If this wasn’t enough, the loud rattle will call out in even if the lure is out of fishes field of view.

The deep diver (large lip) swims at 6 to 10 feet and weighs 25g – 7/16 oz. All Jointed MinnowSticks use premium red VMC Barbarian hooks.

How to use – Storm’s Deep Jointed MinnowStick.

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