6″/15cm:Naturistic Wildeye Perch – 2 5/8oz/74g

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One of the Storm Naturistic range of natural imitations that will just blow your mind. We have never seen such a lifelike imitation of a perch and neither have the fish. Superb detailing right down to the blood red inside the gill covers and excellent action from the large paddle tail giving a life-like swimming action.

Natural color patterns.
Secure I-Bolt system.
Holographic WildEye.
Rigged with a superior VMC needle point hook & treble belly hook.
Holographic swimmin’ flash foil.
Strong soft body with internal lead head

The ‘InTense’ molding process provides fish triggering colors that won’t fade
Internal injection technology
Ultra-clear durable soft body with internal lead head
Premium VMC needle point hooks
Holographic swimmin’ flash foil
Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEye
Life-like swimming action
Great for all species of fish
pack of 2

Storm Suspending WildEye Swim Shad.

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