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Naturistic Wildeye Herring 7/16oz/12g 3″/8cm


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Another of the hugely impressive new Storm Naturistic range of natural soft bait imitations that will just blow your mind.

We have never seen such a lifelike imitations and neither have the fish.

The Naturistic Wildeye Herring is a lure you need in your lure collection, these superb immitations will do well in salt water, particuarly for when bass are chasing fry in the shallow water, as well as in fresh water lakes and rivers as they are a great impersonation of a bleak or other small silver fish.

They come ready rigged with Rapala VMC hooks.

They have a large single hook incorperating a lead head and a hanging treble.

These excellent little baits are well worth a place in your tackle box.
pack of 2

Storm Suspending WildEye Swim Shad.

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